Rt.Hon Raila Amollo Odinga

The only people remaining will witness the only person remaining ascend to the throne. The situation has been replicated elsewhere. The forces are being treated to what they know already. War!! The Kiama has panicked. The game plan might not work. It would be safe to leave the seat to the outsider, the true hero of the people,as they strategize on the politics of 2022. Their has never been a shocker like this than 1978. For 24 years in the cold, five years will not be long for them. The boys might not  deliver, the referee might not deliver and finally the opponent might not bulge this time.

Slowly they will watch as power crosses the River Chania and bid goodbye to the pretenders to the throne. Slowly the embers will rise and shine upon the people of Nairobi,where the statue of Tom Mboya towers over Gor Mahia fans.

Then in a steeplechase it will rush through the Rift, and plunge. The accident might never happen again.The waters of the River Yala,Nyando and Sondu Miriu will on the 08/08/2017 bring power to the rightful keeper,Raila Amollo Odinga a true Legio Maria. Power will reside in Nam lolwe.


One comment

  1. machwani · July 28

    we are on the brink of history…RAO


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