cattle rustling

you have to read this dear bloggers


ladies and gentleman my friends from nyumba kumi and the community policing group from heka heka town and my friends who have just arrived from ,the following message has been approved by the ministry of livestock and foreign affairs for the general audience  and the views expressed in this forum are solely related to the narrator

long time ago men used to look after cattle  from the fertile soils of kericho  to the plains of west pokot the hill kiambu region and the wheat-growing region of narok and during the period of period of barmuruiat and even the ole tepes would  tap their skills in weaponry and have their share of cows in other region mmmmhh i know my friend is wondering what i mean by sharing of cows….cattle rustling is not a taboo it is just a cultural practice just the same way onyango might have sabasaba but still…

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