a broken heart a broken soul



When the mind sleeps,it begs for answers

When the heart sleeps,it begs for connection

When the body sleep

a true depiction of art a true depiction of art

s,it begs for restoration

and when the soul sleeps!

oooh NO the soul does not sleep

When your called a fool, you shut up

When your called clever,you mumble

and your called a genius,you grumble

What do you want t be called?

A hero was freed from prison

But he did not last the ocassion

The circumstances were different

He had murdered in jail

But the streets were free from murderers

When we lose our thoughts

We take a glass of whisky or wine

Do they come back?

They did one day but i forgot

To write them down

Since the stupor came and went away

Today i long for that whisky and wine

But should i mix


I want varied opinions

I want a multi-dimensional…

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